Uncle Sam's Kitchen was formally launched in 1996, when Gunit Singla decided to give up a lucrative career in advertising and join hands with her Sheraton Chef husband Samir Singla and set up what was to become Chennai's number one Party and Wedding Catering Brand

Our approach was always clear: while there were several 'caterers' out there, we wanted to be that one brand that helps people throw memorable parties. The food was Samir's baby and it was only natural that he brought his 7 star qualities to the mix right from ingredients to plating. We started looking into the rest of the experience - the service, the presentation, the support services... everything that went into making a party a memory.

It still catches us by surprise when we look at our client list over the years and see that we have made exactly 18,01,214 friends since the day we began. We say friends because it's personal. Just like food. Once we're on board we can't see the lines that separate you from us. And honestly, we'd like to keep it that way. It's what helps us think of your guests as ours. And it's what ensures we look into every detail on your behalf.

People ask us what party sizes we handle and our favourite answer is always that we are a boutique caterer with the added ability to handle really large guest lists as well. No two parties are the same and we focus on customising our offering to the occasion. From serving up the most delicious, mouth watering cuisines from all over to planning wedding lunches and reception dinners for week long events, we do it all. In fact, we now even have a separate kitchen for vegetarian only events.

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And we have a separate brand just for providing companies with daily supply of nutritious and well balanced 'industrial lunches'. We also created a unique party-in-a-box idea which is possibly the first ever Takeaway Outdoor Catering! It's all possible if you enjoy the job you do. And we enjoy having a job that keeps us partying all the time.

For party freaks, be it a house party or any outdoor one, there may be lots of food hubs that serve the city with eclectic ambiance to spend some quality time with your friends in, but very few fulfill your hunger cravings; which is where Uncle Sam's Kitchen becomes a clear winner. Our Professional Catering Services manage to make people relish the dishes with every single bite.

Planning for a party? Leave your worries to Uncle Sam's Kitchen; Our Premium Catering Service gives the perfect plan with its multi-cuisine menu features some of the most loved and the most novel options for you to gorge on.

For those looking for the reassurance of professionalism, we'd like to add in a more official tone that USK is completely committed to providing services that are in tune with international standards of catering. Our state-of-the-art central kitchen, our licences and certifications, our staff training programs, HR initiatives, CSR activities and organic gardening ventures are all focussed on ensuring that our heads are as involved as our hearts are. From the very first phone call till the end of the event you can be assured of classic Uncle Sam's Kitchen hospitality and service response.


Samir Samir - Chef


Experienced in various international cuisines Chef Samir Singla has a list of credentials long enough to impress the most ardent gourmet expert. He is the mastermind behind all things food at Uncle Sam's Kitchen and his uncontained zeal for life and good food is evident through his work. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering you a delicious spread. An active member of World Association of Chefs and Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, Chef Samir Singla is responsible for having mentored more than a hundred food and beverage professionals.

"I look into all the little details that make Uncle Sam's Kitchen a brand that people call for all special occasions, but at the end of the day I'm about the food. I want nothing more than a well fed guest going home raving about my food."

Gunit Singla Gunit Singla- The Planner

Gunit grew up in an atmosphere of simple food excitingly served. So diving into the food business despite being an Eng. Lit. graduate from LSR waving an MBA degree came naturally to Gunit. You eat with your eyes first and one has to create the right ambience to enjoy the spread. With this focus in mind, Gunit takes on the creative mantle of handling the front end of the business as the planner. Fondly called the Martha Stewart of India by the US Consul General in 1998, Gunit lends her enthusiastic eye for detail to all that strikes you the minute you walk into a Uncle Sam's Kitchen event. Their out of the way hospitality which is one of USKs trademarks, is in fact just a reflection of Gunit's own incredibly hospitable personality, as anyone who has ever been to their home will confirm

"Your party is a one-day cricket match and Uncle Sam''s Kitchen will win it for you. There is no second chance."

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