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Our Cental Kitchen is located at Pallikaranai, Chennai in 10,000 sqft area. We like bees have been have worked day and night to serve the sweetest honey to every guest that chooses us, We dont cater of a meal, we bring you the whole experience. Over 25 years of service, 25 lakh satisfied customers and counting. Our brands are Uncle Sam’s Kitchen, Samskriti, Corporate Kitchen, Sam chacha and Tailtale.

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Employee Welfare Program

The primary objective of Streedom is to equip women with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them generate their own income.

Events and programs designed to empower women involves Vocational skills, Cooking skills, Government schemes education, Computer and software skills, Soft skills, Events and workshops and Computer structure.

Autism- Tied up with Canbridge school of autism- https://www.instagram.com/p/CrfNBEENT_a/ Canbridge selects students who are mature enough to come to a professional environment and also sends along a helper incase of any emergency

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