The House of Uncle Sam's Kitchen is the place where the magic happens. And we really want you to see this- the beauty of a central kitchen well run. 10,000 sq feet of well planned space houses the different departments that come together to deliver that special experience: Wet Kitchens, Dry Kitchens, Veg Kitchens, Cold Storage, Food Stores, Crockery and Tableware Stores, Accounts (the most important people), Food Planners, even residences for our staff and drivers, parking for a our vans, 2 dogs, free range country chicken and an organic garden. One big happy family that puts all their love into the food that will make you fall in love with us.

So don't be a stranger. Just walk in any time, we will be proud to show off our facility to you. It's Samir's dream kitchen after all.

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