You drive through the gates and breath taking decor welcomes you. Liveried valets bustling around. A smart young man walks up to you and offers you a choice from 5 tantalizing glasses on a tray he's balancing with ease. The smell of the buffet wafts across the venue making you wish you could even skip the rest of the festivities. Tray after elegantly plated tray magically appears carrying never-ending rows of delicate starters – just enough to temporarily distract you from the buffet. The service continues till you find yourself at the fantastically presented buffet. Clear signage, Sparkling chafing dishes, the spotless uniforms of the people manning the buffet, live counters, buzzing clearance staff leaving no plate empty and no empty plate alone... that's when you step back and realise that it's your party. And it's gone just as per the plan. Leaving you relaxed and free to focus on the most important part: having a good time.

That's a signature of an Uncle Sam's Kitchen event. We take catering beyond the plate and into the entire party. After all, dining is a multi sensory experience – be it at a wedding, or a corporate event or a reunion bash by the beach.

Serving the city with its delectable catering services, Uncle Sam's Kitchen whips up a delicious option for people to delve in; With its, wholesome multi-cuisine fare has impressed people in the city.

Our food is as eclectic as from the first glimpse and manages to make people love it more with every next bite. With our Best Outdoor Catering Services for Parties, Every food dish packs that we prepare carry a punch of flavor and originality; just what the city was missing. Everything is bound to make you squeal with excitement and roll your eyes back with joy.

Host your intimate gatherings with our Best Outdoor Catering Services with us here to feast your guest stomach and soul but make a promise right now to visit here as soon as possible.

Hire us for Outdoor Catering Services for Wedding Events. We ensure to make your weddings/events satiate food cravings to the fullest.

If you're looking for specific offerings, we've listed them below, so that you know that while we do cater to all event, we are clear about the different sensibilities of each. Contact us here

Corporates & Conferences

Corporates & Conferences

Uncle Sam's Kitchen caters to any location: Large indoor spaces, offices, seminar venues, a park or an outdoor space that needs to be tented, or any location that fits your corporate event needs. We can even visit your facilities and let you know the various possibilities for the space available.

Needless to say, we offer a massive variety of delicious food options that are perfect for corporate events- complete with efficiently managed buffet counters capable of serving large numbers of guests. Our planning team and chefs will work with you to create the perfect menu for the occasion, theme, tastes, and also your budget. We offer a host of options for international guests with special requests - just let us know and we will work it out.

Uncle Sam's Kitchen will handle all your beverage requirements too: from sodas, juices, and waters, to alcohol (based on local regulations and permissions) and bar service. We also provide professional bartending staff, setups and glassware. The only thing you need to think about is what kind of beverages you want to serve your guests.

We understand crowd movement and handling and also food planning for different menus thanks to our 23 years experience handling event like:

  • Annual Day/ Family Day Celebrations
  • International Conferences
  • Facility Inaugurations
  • Client Visits
  • Training Programs
  • Social Events: Festivals, Farewells, Ethnic Evenings, Induction programs...
  • Whatever the occasion we will rise to it and also ensure that the costs don't leave you gasping for more of those coloured glasses that our waiters are carrying around.   Contact us here



A cute little cupcake with a lit candle brought to you by a loved one is the best birthday gift one could ever wish for. But sometime we like to splurge. Sometimes we wanna throw that one big party that will leave the kids talking about it for years. And sometimes we just wanna throw a party that was better than last years'. Well, why not?

Your imagination is our playground! With inspired design and careful attention to detail, our creative team will make sure your party is fun and unforgettable. Whether you are planning your own birthday party or throwing a surprise party for a loved one, you can rest assured that everything will be just perfect.

Our team will work with you to come up with themes, ideas, theme specific menus, whether you are planning a first birthday, a double digit party, a tweentastic bday, a sweet 16th, 40th or 100th birthday. With Uncle Sam's Kitchen in the house, your party will be the talk of the town - thanks to a customized delicious spread of Dhoni's favorite cuts, Mickey Mouse's dosas, Valentine sandwich hearts, Crazy clown pizzas and more!

We provide service to any location, from your own backyard to beach houses, parks and halls. We understand that little kids are quite sensitive to food so our chefs use only fresh ingredients, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. We keep spice and oil levels to a minimum when cooking for children. And for the 40 year old kids we can ramp it all up in a jiffy.  Contact us here


Wedding Planning (The Promise)

Ah Weddings! There is nothing more quintessentially Indian than a wedding. Every Indian girl grows up knowing that she will put she western counterparts to shame with the sheer detailing possible only in a 5 day Indian wedding gala.

Wedding Cuisine

Indian weddings attach a karmic value to serving people food at a wedding. It is said that the best blessing come from a man who has been fed well. At Uncle Sam's Kitchen we zone in on that karma like a bee to honey. We started this business because we love food. And wedding food is always the best because the only rules here are those of the heart.

We have flown down legendary chefs from Kashmir and Kolkatta while ingredients from exotic locales await at the right temperature. The finest produce and the finest talent combine to create a series of unforgettable meals for every event. All plated and dished out to perfection. One of our specials is in fact the very south indian Yellai Saapadu – a traditional meal comprising at least 12 little serving on a banana leaf. Yes, we really can do it all.

  • Weddings Image 1
  • Weddings Image 2
  • Weddings Image 3
  • Weddings Image 4

We've turned flat lands into fancy kitchens and airplane hangars into fancy ballrooms. We've hired, trained and kitted out teams of service staff just to ensure that every guest has their glass filled and their plate cleared. Everything it takes to make your guests feel extra special.

And while we are usually so excited by weddings that we want to do everything including choosing the groom, decorum restricts us to do just what we are good at – which is pretty much everything else. Weddings are the one area where we literally go way beyond just serving-up awesome food.

What else we do
  • Invitation Design and delivery
  • Guest List management
  • Limo Service for guests and valet parking at the venue
  • Hotel and Serviced apartment accommodation for local and out of town guests
  • Complete Guest Catering: a simplified menu to ensure that all guests staying under your roof receive everything from their morning coffee to a midnight snack. That way even you home kitchens can take a break to enjoy the wedding.
  • Venue Management including permissions, decor and all associated handling
  • Return Gifts: In an Indian wedding that could be gifts for every mini event within the wedding starting with the invite and culminating with the ‘thamboolam' bags

Your Engagement, Bachelorette, Mehendi, Sangeet, Reception, After party... even your wedding Anniversary 25 years later... Give us a call and we can do it all. Can you feel your heartbeat racing already? That's how awesome it's gonna be   Contact us here


Signature Dishes

Signature Dishes

When a catering company is founded by a Chef you can be sure that the sheer love of food will always come through. And Chef Samir Singla is a man who really really loves his food. His favourite opening line in interviews in fact is always ‘I'm just a cook'. But he is more than just a cook. Chef Samir is know for creating several of chennai's favourite party dishes. Be it delicate combinations of wholesome produce or the earthy simplicity of a finger licking home favourite, Chef Samir's Signature dishes are serious business.

And as Masterchef invades more homes the bar is only moving higher. That is a blessing in disguise for Chef Samir who now has a very valid reason to keep innovating and inventing newer flavours to blow your mind. So remember to ask for our signature dishes. And maybe we can arrange a little sampling as well. Because, after great food, the thing that he loves most is a food lover. Contact us here

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